5 Healthy Chinese Food Options That Aren’t Boring Steamed Broccoli

Story of our lives: We have a hankering for sesame chicken from our favorite Chinese takeout spot, then we can’t stop eating and wake up puffy and bloated from the sodium, sugar and deep-fried goodness. We swear off our craving for good, then repeat the vicious circle a few weeks later.

While we’ll probably never give up our takeout habit for good, we’re all for making some swaps in the name of our health. So we spoke with nutritionist Katie Boyd about the healthy Chinese food you can still enjoy without being bored to tears by steamed broccoli and plain snow peas. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our options aren’t as limited as we expected. 

“There’s a vast discrepancy between real Chinese food and what we as Americans think Chinese food is,” Boyd says. “Most of the things we tend to order during our takeout sessions are actually

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