John Oliver Destroys Trump and Fox News’ Boneheaded Coronavirus Response

One week after urging the country not to vote for money-burning billionaire Mike Bloomberg, a man with “big virgin energy” who’s spent over $400 million to try to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver took on the biggest news of the past month: the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control warned Americans last week that it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” coronavirus will spread across the United States, and there have now been 88 reported cases of coronavirus stateside—and two deaths.


The ensuing coronavirus hysteria has led to some truly bizarre media coverage of the pandemic, including the anchors of Good Day New York wondering: “Can you get the coronavirus by eating Chinese food?”

“No, you can’t! Of course you can’t get the coronavirus from eating Chinese food!” shouted Oliver. “In fact, if you’re eating at

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