ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – Odessa School Chef Victor Bagan demonstrates us how to make Warm Salmon Salad.

a man holding a plate of food: Warm Salmon Salad.

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Heat Salmon Salad.

Here’s the entire recipe as offered by OC and Chef Bagan.


Serves:  6


1              Pound   Salmon fillet

12           Each       Asparagus guidelines

2              Each       Tomatoes

3              Tbsp.     Walnut oil

3              Tbsp.     Olive oil

12           Each       New Basil leaves

3              Tbsp.     Balsamic Vinegar

As req   Salt and pepper

As req   Salad Base


Cook dinner and refresh the asparagus.

Minimize the salmon into chunk dimension parts.

Blanch, skin, seed and dice the tomato.

Whisk the oil’s and vinegar alongside one another.

Tear the basil leaves and increase to the dressing.

Warmth a minor oil in a skillet.

Gently cook dinner the salmon.

When the salmon is cooked add the tomatoes and asparagus.

Incorporate the dressing and warm the dressing, do not boil.

Position the heat salmon and so on. in excess of the salad base and serve.

You can place in the salad foundation regardless of what you want. I utilized combined greens, cherry tomatoes, Cremini mushrooms (standard mushrooms will also perform) and yellow bell peppers.

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