Correspondent Dragged For Asking Trump If The Term ‘Chinese Food’ Is Racist

A journalist for a very-pro-Donald Trump cable network is being dragged on Twitter after asking the president a truly terrible question during Thursday’s press conference regarding the coronavirus.

Although the World Health Organization has cautioned leaders against stigmatizing an area or ethnic group by using it as the name of a disease, Trump has repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus.” 

As a result, he’s been slammed for potentially encouraging discrimination against people of Asian heritage.

Chanel Rion, a correspondent for One America News Network — a small cable network known as the outlet for people who think Fox News is too liberal — decided to take “whataboutism” to its breaking point by asking Trump a softball question.

“Do you consider the use of the term ‘Chinese food’ racist? Because it’s food that originates in China and has roots in China?” Rion asked.

But she didn’t

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