9 tips to make your food last longer


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we rummage by means of the fridge, only to locate our food has long gone poor. Moreover, it’s even worse when you’ve only just purchased new develop a couple times back. And with the growing prices of grocery bills, acquiring to toss out food items can depart a dent in pockets. 

The superior information is, there are some intelligent means to prolong the lifespan of your food stuff and save you a little bit of funds. Right here are some top rated recommendations to make your food past lengthier.

1. You should not wash refreshing deliver in advance of storing

Washing bowl of fresh produce in sink

Washing bowl of new deliver in sink (Picture credit history: Shutterstock)

It may perhaps conserve on time, but really do not wash contemporary fruits and veggies in advance of putting in the fridge. Gurus counsel washing can actually cut down their lifespan by incorporating moisture to the deliver. This dampness will speed up its decaying method, so it is ideal to only wash make right up until you might be all set to consume it.

2. Freeze meats on day of purchase 

Frozen meats in freezer drawer

Frozen meats in freezer drawer (Graphic credit history: Shutterstock)

If you don’t prepare on cooking your store-bought meats in just a few times of obtaining, freeze them. These will only end up likely negative swiftly, particularly if forgotten about in the again of your fridge. In accordance to the United States Section of Agriculture (USDA), you can retail store uncooked poultry items for nine months in the freezer and raw meat from two
months to a year, based on the lower.


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