Heavy metal poisoning has become a major health problem in recent history and will inevitably become much worse, as more countries become industrialized nations. Metals and industrial bi products seep into the water and enter the food chain.

Heavy metals have a density of over five times that of water, which means the human body is unable to successfully break down the foreign bodies and is forced to retain them. The accumulation of heavy metals trapped in the body causes toxicity to poison the bloodstream, leading to damaged kidneys, lungs, nervous system and other organs.

What is Heavy Metal Poisoning (Toxicity)?

Heavy Metal Toxicity is the level of toxic metals that has been absorbed by the body in numerous ways which usually depend on the type of metal. The four main toxic metals are aluminum, lead, cadmium, and mercury. These metals can cause various complications and indeed in many cases lead to illness and disease.


Aluminum is the most common toxic metal & is found in almost everyone’s body. Whether it is under your arms, in your teeth, or even on your skin, aluminum is found more than any other metal. Sources: Aluminum foil, antacids, aspirin, toothpaste, dust, auto exhaust, treated water, nasal spray, milk products, salt, commercially-raised beef, tobacco smoke, anti-antiperspirants, bleached flour, cans, animal feed, ceramics, canned food, cosmetics, and even cigarette filters.

Symptoms of aluminum toxicity.

Symptoms are thought to include Brittle Bones, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis as aluminum is stored in the bones. Kidney disease and malfunction may also result, as the kidneys filter aluminum. ADHD, ADD, Hyperactivity, memory disturbances, and learning disabilities.

How To Get Tested?

Getting tested for heavy metal poisoning is relatively easy and can be detected through a hair-follical test, you will need to speak to your doctor in order to get tested.

How To Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Although there are supplements available which claim to rid the body of these damaging metals, ones best course of action would to detoxify the body naturally.

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