All dressed up and having decided what would satisfy your palate tonight. You leave for an evening out for the restaurant that you have chosen. Finding an eatery with both good food and service is not always achievable. 

Very often, the Waitrons, or serving staff, are not adequately trained as to how to handle clientele properly. This kind of issue will not occur if you go to a restaurant with a TTO system. You can visit TTO websites to find more information about table top ordering systems.

Ordering System

Frequently you are verbally pounced upon before you are seated comfortably to enquirer what you would like to drink. Gosh, you haven’t had time to think about it yet! Then the menu is produced, and you are either hurriedly made to order what you would like to eat or else, left for ages to think about it, a no-win situation. You can look at food ordering system websites to find more information about restaurant food ordering systems.

You are still eating, but your partner has finished his meal. Very rudely, the waiter whisks away the finished plate instead of waiting until you have put your knife and fork together, to indicate that you too are gone.

This is a terrible basic training for staff. They should be well taught how to welcome guests, how to seat them, when to ask the necessary questions, not to pass opinions, and the right order for placing and removing plates; place the dishes on the person’s right-hand side and remove them from the left-hand side.

How often nowadays, when you order fish, are you brought fish knives and forks? The norm seems to be that it is the same knife and fork for both meat and fish. Paper serviettes are often substituted for damask napkins.

The nicety of past years seems to have faded along with time. Fine bone china. Crockery, silver cutlery and silver tea sets are less seen or used. Elegance, as it was, is no longer applicable to this “throwaway” everyday living.

The whole way of life is changing to such an extent that it will not be too long before we all become walking and talking computers! You can look at the queue management system websites to find more information about queue management systems.

However, it would be so beautiful if the staff in restaurants could be better trained. I am sure that they would appreciate it as well.

Bon Appetit; enjoy your meal!