There are many home-remedies for acid reflux disease or GERD. Perhaps one of the most widespread fast-action cures is to drink Lipton peach flavored tea as a cure for acid reflux. Having heard of this particular “cure” from a number of sources, I thought it might make sense to analyze it so that you know the facts.

First and foremost, it is important to notice that the so-called cure is very specific – it’s not any flavor of tea, it’s decidedly peach. When I researched peaches, I found that there is a definite reason – peaches, just like apricots and broccoli, are very high in fiber. Fiber is an insoluble carbohydrate, which basically means that it is difficult, if not entirely impossible for your body to digest, so it has a tendency to move foods quickly through your digestive system. This speeding up of the digestive system can help to flush foods out of your system and reduce the acid in your stomach as a result. This can, in fact, prevent some people from having acid reflux attacks.

The reason you want to drink the lipton peach flavored tea rather than actually eating an apricot is two-fold. First, the warm liquid has a calming effect on your stomach. This can help to ease some of the burden of the digestion process. In addition, it doesn’t add mass to your stomach, which could, again, stir up some of the acids and make your situation worse.

While the theory behind this is strong, the fact remains that peach flavored tea is probably not as good of a remedy as a fast-acting antacid for sudden attacks. To get a lot of the fiber out of the fruit, you actually have to eat some of the fruit itself. The tea will contain some fiber that was extracted during brewing, but it is a trace amount which is not likely to contain enough to make a difference. While the benefit of drinking tea will do some things on it’s own, you could probably see the same effects from drinking any flavor of tea, not just lipton peach flavored tea for acid reflux.

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