This superfood wrap will save you from mid-morning hunger!

Our Egg White Wrap with Spinach, Feta, and Sundried Tomatoes is an excellent option on mornings you need a grab and go breakfast!

These days, our busy lives can make it seem impossible to get something fast and healthy on the breakfast table. “Fast” usually means it can’t have many ingredients, because that can translate to valuable minutes spent chopping and prepping. Breakfast can be particularly tricky– it’s so much easier to just grab a bagel or an English muffin and blast out the door. But really, there’s not much nutrition in that. Behold…the Feta Egg White Wrap! Flavorful, healthy…oh, and did I mention quick?! Best of all, if you had to take it with you, our recipe comes in wrap form… farewell fast food chain burritos!

Take a Tip from the Med

Eggs, spinach, feta, and tomatoes make for one delicious wrap!

So, the food in the Mediterranean is known for using ingredients with intense flavors. For this recipe, two of the ingredients have their origins in that region: feta cheese and sundried tomatoes. Feta cheese, of course is a staple in many Mediterranean dishes and is almost synonymous with Greek cuisine. It’s an interesting product in that the cheese itself is pickled in a brine; in fact, a typical way of purchasing it is in a block, surrounded by it’s salt-water solution. Feta is tangy, salty and can be either silky in texture or crumbly dry. One notable fact about feta: it is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, meaning that it’s a great alternative to cow’s milk cheese for those who are dairy intolerant (many people who can’t digest dairy find that it’s cow’s milk products that they can’t tolerate, where sheep and goat milk products don’t cause them problems).

Sun-dried tomatoes are also hugely flavorful and convenient to have on hand. You can usually find them both in dry-packaged form as well as packed in oil. For the purposes of putting together a quick breakfast, select the oil-packed ones. Otherwise, you’ll need to soak your dried tomatoes in hot water to soften them up before chopping. If you are working with a low-carb or keto diet, the extra fats in the oil-packed tomatoes not only provides a little extra fat, but it also imparts substantial flavor! Feel free to use that to cook your eggs in. And, remember, tomatoes are chock-full with antioxidants, so they taste good and are good for you, too!

The Incredible, Edible Egg

The kids will love these wonderful, veggie-packed wraps!

Of course, say the word “breakfast,” and eggs will automatically come to mind as an option. Our recipe here will use only the whites. I certainly can’t knock a whole egg, but egg whites are an excellent way to add powerhouse protein while keeping fat and calories down. While you are welcome to separate your own eggs for this recipe, if convenience is important, you can buy liquid egg whites at your grocery in a pint or larger cartons.

As we get ready to put our eggs together, note that we’re going to add another super-healthy element: spinach! Loaded with nutrients, spinach contains protein, lots of folate, more than 150% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, 300% of vitamin K — which supports bone and blood health — and gobs of iron!

Now THAT’s a Wrap!

This tasty breakfast is good for you, too!

When we have our flavor elements together, all we have to do is cook our eggs. That’s going to be a quick process, so be sure everything else is portioned and ready. We will use a thin Middle Eastern bread — lavash — as our wrapper for our ingredients. A quick smear of some creamy cheese spread with vegetables goes on the lavash, then the eggs and the other ingredients. That’s it! Excellent protein, low in fat, great nutrients, and light on carbs. All can be ready in 15 minutes or less from start to finish. After this, you’ll never be able to say you’re too busy for a healthy, fresh breakfast again!

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