A person holds a gas nozzle as they pump gas

A person holds a gas nozzle as they pump gas

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Gas prices continue to increase — with the U.S. Energy Information Administration showing a steep and relatively consistent increase from a retail average of about $1.94 per gallon in April 2020 to $4.21 per gallon as of last month. In 2022 alone, prices are up around 25 percent, yet Uber Eats is still reportedly planning to end a program to help drivers deal with gas prices. And DoorDash has already concluded one of their bonuses.

Uber Eats told drivers that they will discontinue an up to $0.45 fuel surcharge to customers for delivery orders on June 15, despite Uber maintaining a similar $0.55 surcharge on ride-hailing customers, according to Business Insider.

“We are extending the gas surcharge until June 15th for Eats couriers, but do not plan to continue it past that date,” an Uber spokesperson told the site. “This change will not affect drivers on Uber rides who will continue to get the gas surcharge as we evaluate alternative options.”

Uber launched the surcharges — which went directly to drivers — on March 15, saying at the time that they would likely last through May, according to Restaurant Dive. Based on that original projection, Uber has technically extended the program, but are now also planning to end it in just a few weeks with no gas pricing relief currently in sight. The automotive group AAA, which tracks gas prices on a daily basis, says that the national average for a gallon of regular is now at $4.60, up nearly 48 cents from a month ago.

Worth noting, Uber’s competitor DoorDash made a somewhat similar move. On March 17, the service added weekly bonuses starting at $5 for Dashers covering more than 100 miles in their vehicle over that time period, with the program slated to last “at least through April.” But these bonuses weren’t extended beyond April even though gas prices continued to rise.

However, DoorDash did extend another gas relief measure added at the same time: Dashers who pay for gas with their DasherDirect prepaid business Visa debit card are eligible for 10 percent cash back. At the end of April, that program was extended until August 31.

“The fact is, we’re the only delivery company to extend our gas rewards program as prices continue to rise, offering 10 [percent] cash back on gas purchases through the end of the summer,” a DoorDash spokesperson told us via email. “We’re proud to support Dashers and appreciate their direct feedback in shaping this next phase of the program.”


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