Freeze-Dried Fruit Adds Huge Fruit Flavor to Baked Goods and Desserts, From  Cookies to Ice Cream | Bon Appétit

Regarding a range of freeze-dried fruit options, freeze-dried strawberries are the most popular snacking option. Freeze-dried strawberries go through the freeze-drying or so-called lyophilization method, which involves removing the water and moisture by lowering pressure and then removing the ice by sublimation, the process of evaporating solid ice in gaseous form without passing through a liquid state. Freeze-drying removes almost all moisture of strawberries without damage to their physical structure. The process of freeze-drying does not damage food’s physical structure. As the physical structure of food is maintained,  freeze-drying also preserves aromas and color compounds and makes food taste as good as fresh. Also, freeze-dried strawberries not only taste as good as their fresh counterparts but also retain the nutritional value of the fresh product. As fresh strawberries continue ripening, the nutritional value can diminish over time. Freeze-dried strawberries, though, are made from fresh strawberries that are picked and flash-frozen at the peak of their ripeness, trapping in all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which remain inside the strawberries when they are freeze-dried. In other words, freeze-dried strawberries come from frozen berries, which retain more of the original nutrition than fresh ones. Also, freeze-dried strawberries can be rehydrated very quickly and eaten on their own or added to cereal, smoothies, salads, oatmeal, smoothies, and baked good recipes. Finally, unlike fresh strawberries, which have a short growing season and no shelf life, freeze-dried strawberries are always in season.  So get freeze-dried strawberries if you need a healthy snack that is truly shelf-stable.