It is easier to buy a less expensive blender because you know what to expect for the price you pay. However, like everything else in life, you want the best out of it. We may not expect it to be as good as the one that cost 300 bucks but it has to perform to a certain level. In this article, we are going to give you a review of the Hamilton Beach 58148A blender.

This is a multi-functional blender. The blender can either be used to blend a classic beverage like smoothie or to prepare food such as salsas or purees. The use of the blender is very practical in the kitchen. There are four buttons on the blender which allow you to puree, dice, chop or grate the way you want. You can easily select the button you want and let the unit work out the rest.

When it comes to the benefits that you will get out of the product, here are its best features:

  • The unit comes with 700 watts of peak blending power. It is very easy to operate. The machine can perform various blending tasks including making smoothies, icy drinks, salsas, purees and many more.
  • It has wave-action system. This means it can continuously pull the mixture down into the blade in order to get a good blending result.
  • The hanged cap of the blender allows you to pour the fluid or other ingredients in while it is blending.
  • The jar capacity is 40 ounces. The size can cater different tasks. The jar is dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can wash it anyway you want. In addition, it is thermal-resistant. It can stand extreme temperature change without any problem.
  • The blender comes with 3-year warranty.
  • The price is very affordable.

As far as the drawbacks of the machine are concerned, there is not much to say. If we had to say anything negative, we think that the materials used in the blender may not look very high class. But considering the price of the blender, we think that the machine is of a very acceptable production quality.

In conclusion, we think that the blender is a good catch at its price of around $30. You won’t regret buying it. However, don’t expect the blender to have the same quality as the one of $300 blender. We are quite sure that the blender will work and be worth the money you spent.

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