Need a side job but want to make good money out of it at the same time? Delivering food doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well, it is a very good option if you want to work for DoorDash because man, oh man, you can make money so easily with it! But how exactly can you make easy money with DoorDash?

DoorDash food deliverers, also called Dashers, make a good amount of money on a weekly basis. On average, Dashers make around $250-$300 per week. This amount can be raised up to $500 or more, depending upon the number of shifts you take and the effort you put in. 

It’s not about competition when it comes to making more money as a Dasher. You can maximize your earnings by delivering more orders, receiving tips for your service, etc. Having other Dashers on the road at the same time as you will not affect your earnings significantly. 

Nowadays, almost everyone is working a side job to support their financial needs. Becoming a Dasher is the best option for you as this job offers a generous wage along with additional bonuses and tips. Not only that, but the company also offers guaranteed earnings incentives to its employees in certain locations.

But before we get to know how to make $5500 a week with DoorDash, it’s very important to know exactly what a Dasher does and what the DoorDash company is like? What does this job offer, and how can you sign up for it? All this information is provided further in this article. Take a look!

What Is DoorDash?


Isn’t it great how you can get food at home just by clicking on a few things on your phone or desktop? Getting food delivered at your doorstep is pretty common nowadays. But the best way to do it is through DoorDash. What is DoorDash, you might ask? 

DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivering app. It connects customers with their favorite restaurants and provides them the facility of ordering food from there. It is the largest food delivery platform in the United States of America and has around 20,000k customers. 

Not only in the United States of America, but DoorDash’s services are also available in Australia, Germany, Canada, and Japan. Providing excellent services, it also offers subscription services like DashPass and DashPass for students. 

DoorDash also provides people with great career opportunities. Becoming a Dasher will be super beneficial for you if you’re in need of extra cash. The company even offers guaranteed earnings incentives to its employees along with several bonuses.  

How DoorDash Earns Money?


Whenever we get to hear about a company doing well or of somebody’s success, we often end up wondering, how do they earn so much money? Where does all that money come from? The same is the case with DoorDash. 

DoorDash earns money both from its customers as well as the merchants. The company makes its basic revenue by receiving commissions from contracts or partnerships with merchants. DoorDash also makes money from customers by receiving the amount which customers pay as part of the delivery fees and service fees, which is based on the order.

With the launch of its subscription services, like DashPass and DashPass for students, DoorDash also earns money by the amount paid by customers. This money is earned as a part of the membership fees paid by customers for the subscription.

How DoorDash Drivers (Dashers) Make Money? 


Everybody works hard at their jobs, right? But sometimes it feels like you’re doing more or working really hard and aren’t getting paid enough. In such matters, DoorDash is extremely considerate. Doordash takes care of its employees in every way possible, especially when it comes to money matters.

Dashers make money depending on the number of orders they take and the service they provide. Dashers receive all of the delivery fees which the customers pay. Along with that, they also get additional bonuses and tips from customers. The location you’re working at and the service you’re providing greatly influences what you earn as a Dasher. 

Dashers get paid the base pay, which is determined by the time spent on making the delivery as well as the distance they travel to make the delivery. Dashers also receive additional pay like; if there’s great demand or there are bulk orders to cover, you can get an additional dollar for each delivery you make.

DoorDash also has a policy called “Guaranteed Pay”. If a Dasher’s earnings are less than the guaranteed pay, then the company itself will make up for it. 

How Can You Earn $500 A Week From DoorDash? 

DoorDash App

So, by now, you must’ve gotten a good idea about how the whole DoorDash system works, how Dashers make their money, how the company earns money, etc. 

Now, you might be wondering if the amount earned by the Dashers can be maximized in some way or the other as it does not have a maximum earning amount set by the company. Yes, that can be done but with some effort.

You can earn $500 a week from DoorDash by delivering orders in a location that has a good food culture or has a lot of restaurants. Great demand for orders will always call for more deliveries, hence, giving you the opportunity to make more money. The tips pay a huge role in your earnings as well because DoorDash lets the Dashers keep the tips they earn.

All you need to take care of is the amount and quality of your services, the effort you’re putting in, and the location you’re serving at while making the delivery. Some Dashers even make up to $1000 by making more deliveries and improving the quality of their services.

So, all you need to do now is grab this money-making opportunity and sign up for the job of a Dasher! 

How To Sign Up In DoorDash As A Dasher?

Signing up for something online might seem simple but is a tricky process. If you don’t do it right, you might end up worse off than you started. So, in order to prevent you from making any mistakes, given below is a step-by-step method of how you can sign up to be a Dasher. 

As per the information provided by DoorDash’s official website, in order to become a Dasher, all you need to do is:-

1. Go to DoorDash’s official website.

2. Look for the Dasher sign-up page or click on this link to access it.

3. Enter your contact details, such as email and phone number, for registration.

Dasher Sign Up

4. Fill up your name and set a password. 

Dasher Sign Up

5. Submit your profile.

6. Now, select the type of vehicle you own. You’ll then be asked to fill in your vehicle details.

Dasher Sign Up

7. Fill in your consent for a background check, including authorization, background check disclosure, and additional disclosures.

Dasher Sign Up

8. Click on continue and let the background check get completed.

9. Now, fill in your bank details and information related to it.

Dasher Sign Up

 10. Your profile is completed. Download the Dasher app and get ready to make your first delivery!

Dasher Sign Up

Background Check From DoorDash

The world is becoming more and more deceptive with passing the time. So, it is important to build up a foundation of trust before you begin working with somebody. That is what DoorDash tries to do when it asks you to consent for a background check.

DoorDash gets the background check done through an agency called Checkr. It takes around 4-6 or more business days for the background check to be completed. If you still haven’t received any feedback after the given period, then you can either contact the agency Checkr or check the status of your application here

When Does DoorDash Pay?

Waiting for your salary is tormenting, isn’t it? Thinking about all the hard work you’ve done, the effort you’ve put in, etc., and not being able to benefit from it until the end of the month seems cruel, I know. That is why DoorDash gives weekly earnings to Dashers.

DoorDash makes weekly direct deposits in its Dashers’ accounts. These deposits are made every week before the end of Wednesday night. The amount covers all the deliveries you’ve made from Monday to Sunday from the previous week, along with additional payments. An amount of 7 deliveries must be completed in order for you to receive your income.

How To Cash Out On DoorDash?

Going to the bank, writing a check, making a transaction, etc., seems like a complicated process, doesn’t it? Well. DoorDash has a solution to this as well. You can easily cash out your DoorDash earnings, but how?

You can use Fast Pay to make instant withdrawals when it comes to transacting your DoorDash money. This facility can be used only if you’ve been a Dasher for at least 14 days and have made a minimum of 26 deliveries. The only drawback to this is that Fast Pay charges a service fee of $1.99 for every withdrawal you make.

Making things easier, DoorDash has also come up with a new service called DasherDirect. This service allows Dashers to make direct withdrawals without charging any service fee.

Tips & Tricks To Make The Most Money On DoorDash


One can never get enough money, and that is a fact! There are always going to be things you want to buy or bills you have to pay. Hence, more money is the need of the hour. 

The secret to making the most earnings on DoorDash is by being aware of a few tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are provided below for you to take a look at and use to your benefit. Take a look!

1. Changing Your Dash Area

As discussed above, you’ll always earn more money in busy areas or where the orders are in bulk. If you keep serving in busy areas, you’ll start receiving orders which are limited to the busiest locations only, and hence, you’ll earn more. 

Some of the busiest locations are Chicago, Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Also, if a location doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to try a different one. You never know what the next location might bring for you!

2. Expenses Accompanying Working At DoorDash

If you’re a Dasher, it’s a fact that you’ll be required to drive around a lot. This will make your vehicle run out of gas several times, and you’ll need to spend on gas. Also, your vehicle might need some maintenance as well, hence, the additional expenses. 

So, in order to save more or make the most out of the money you earn, always make sure to keep aside a set amount for all your vehicle-related expenses. This will help you in keeping track of your money in hand and will also allow you to save more, even after tax deductions.

3. Staying In Areas With More Traffic While Dashing

You might be thinking that staying in areas with more traffic is the worst idea ever but hear me out! Staying in high-traffic areas will allow you to have a larger delivery time frame. This will keep you from losing any money or from not receiving any tips in case you’re running late. 

4. Being Aware Of The Commission Level

As a Dasher, it’s crucial for you to be aware of and know about the commission levels you get from different kinds of orders. It’s evident that delivery from a busy and popular restaurant is going to pay you more than a delivery from a convenience store. Keeping a note of that is important so that you don’t lose out on potential extra money.

DoorDash’s commission levels depend on the contracts it signs with different restaurants and stores. These levels include basic – 15%, plus – 25% and premier – 30%. Although you might not have definite information on these levels, but it’s always good to make a note of the same and accept only high commission level deliveries.

5. Parking Around Popular Convenience Stores And Restaurants

Parking around restaurants and conveniences that are popular and have high sales will help you in making more money. This is because these restaurants will attract more customers, which will lead to more orders and hence, more deliveries for you to make, ultimately resulting in you making more money.

6. Being Aware Of Peak Hours

Being aware of peak hours is incredibly important if you’re a Dasher. This is because, during such hours, DoorDash will receive a lot of orders which will need to be delivered in due time. Hence, the company is willing to pay its employees more just so all the demands can be met well in time.

Driving and making deliveries during peak hours is your best chance at earning extra money while being a Dasher. The company can even end up paying you more for the same amount of work you do on a usual basis.

7. Declining Low Paying Orders

Always be smart when it comes to accepting an order. Before accepting an order, always make a mental bill for how much gas it’ll require and cost for you to make the delivery, the amount of traffic you’ll have to face, the distance you’ll have to cover, etc. 

Accept orders which are higher paying than the other ones or are easy to do. Easy to deliver orders or orders which are nearer are best for you as that would allow you to make more deliveries in less time. This will result in you earning more money.

DoorDash Drivers Review | What They Say 

DoorDash App

It’s always better to learn from experiences, isn’t it? That is why it is also important for you to know what the people who are Dashers think of the job and what they have to say about it!

As per the reviews given by people on the career platform Indeed, Dashers love their job. A Dasher from Santa Maria commented, “Doordash has given me a super flexible schedule and pays pretty well depending on your area.”

Another Dasher from Dallas commented, “It’s great. Doordash is really flexible, and the pay is good if you work consistently. It’s not stressful at all, in my opinion. The gas is where your payment will take a toll, but other than that, it’s great.”

Several Dashers have also expressed their opinions about being a Dasher via YouTube videos as well. A YouTuber, Your Driver Mike, a former Dasher, explained in his video that being a Dasher is a simple job. He also said that it is a decent-paying job, and you can even earn more by maximizing your income using various tricks.

In another YouTube video by The Cheapster, the former Dasher reviewed the job that has both its pros and cons. He also said that it is worth it to work for DoorDash as it has a huge market share and provides you with flexible and comfortable working conditions.

Is It Worth It Being A Dasher? 


After reading the above information, you must have gotten an idea about whether or not working for DoorDash is worth it. Well, in my opinion, being a Dasher is definitely worth it.

With all the perks the job has to offer, being a Dasher will allow you to earn more money at your own pace. You can rarely find an opportunity like this elsewhere. Being a Dasher also means having flexible working hours, the choice of declining or accepting an order, additional tips, etc. 

By making use of the tips and tricks mentioned and explained above, you can earn up to $500 per week if you become a Dasher. So, being a Dasher is definitely worth it, and if you’re looking for a new job, Dasher seems like the perfect fit for you!


DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivering platform. Being the largest food delivery company in America, working at DoorDash is no less than an incredibly beneficial job. Being a Dasher will help you earn more money and fill in for your financial needs. You can also end up earning around $500 per week if you become a Dasher. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is a Dasher?

A Dasher is a person who delivers DoorDash orders.

Can you earn $500 per week if you’re a Dasher? If yes, then how?

You can definitely earn $500 if you’re a Dasher if you serve at busy locations and provide good services.

How long does a background check take if you sign up for being a Dasher?

A background check for being a Dasher takes around 4-6 or more business days.

What are the tips a Dasher can use to earn more money?

The various tips that a Dasher can use to earn more money are changing your Dash area, expenses accompanying working at DoorDash, staying in areas with more traffic while Dashing, being aware of the commission level, parking around popular convenience stores and restaurants, being aware of peak hours and declining low paying orders.


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