The iconic “Tim-Beibs” collab is back with a new Beiber treat for summertime sippin’! Yes, the Tim Hortons restaurant company partners with Justin Bieber and is all set to launch its newest “Beibs Brew” on 6th June this year. Not just that, many Tim Hortons outlets in the U.S. have decided to bring back the Timbits donuts on their menu. So, now you can enjoy the Timbits donuts with the brand new Beibs brew. 

The “Beliebers” can now get their caffeine drink brewed in Beiber’s choice of flavors. Both the Canadian Icons seem prideful and excited about launching their latest “Beibs brew.” Since their first launch in November 2021, the fans aren’t over the delicious Timbits doughnuts yet, and news about launching “Beibs Brew” is spreading like wildfire. (And I’m already obsessing over it!)

We Aren’t Over Timbits Yet And The “Tim-Beibs” Collab Is Back With The Latest “Beibs Brew.”

Beibs Brew

There’s a reason why we couldn’t stop obsessing over the Timbits donuts launched by Tim Hortons and Justin Beiber. Those delicious mini donuts were a sweet merge of Justin’s favorite flavors and birthday cake waffle combined with chocolate white fudge and sour cream chocolate chip. The project was inspired by Beibers’ brainstorming over creating a brilliant mashup of his choice of flavors and Tim Hortons’ most sought-after comfies (I mean, donuts)

So, that naturally brings out the excitement among fans for the new Beibs brew. Justin Beiber, being a slight sweet tooth, explains that the latest Beibs brew is worth the wait by saying, “We couldn’t stop at Timbiebs, we needed a Biebs Brew, too. And we are bringing both to Tims next month.” “Doing a Tim Hortons collab has always been a dream of mine. I grew up on Tim Hortons, and it’s always been something close to my heart,” the Canadian star added. 

You might be wondering what’s so special about this cold brew and how much it would cost you. Don’t worry! I have the answers to all your questions. So, don’t stop right here and keep reading further to have a detailed idea about the latest Beibs brew.

How Does Beibs Brew Look And Taste Like?

Wouldn’t you like to have your morning caffeine boost from a drink prepped the way Beiber likes it? Beibs brew is just that! Like how Beiber prefers to have coffee over ice with a hint of sweet vanilla flavor in it. This sweet beverage looks enticingly delicious, with French vanilla cream merging into coffee with ice cubes in it. This chilled drink is sweet and has the flavor of coffee and French vanilla. 

So, now you understood why it’s called Beibs brew? It’s made exactly how the Canadian Star likes it. The subtle flavor of coffee in Beibs brew is from the 100% premium Arabica beans steeped for 16 hours to have an enhanced flavor in the drink. (The vanilla flavor might be a little too strong for some coffee drinkers.)

How Much Does A Beibs Brew Cost?

Beibs Bundle

The Beibs brew will launch at Tim Hortons outlets all over Canada and the U.S. Most locations are launching the drink in a “Beibs bundle” for around $5. It includes the Biebs brew with the Timbeibs package of 10 Timbits donuts. 

You can get your $5 Beibs bundles from the menu of Tim Hortons restaurant in the U.S. and Canada from 6th June 2022. I’m sure it’ll be among your favorite go-to comfies. 

How Can You Get Beibs Brew At Tim Hortons?

The Beibs brew launching at Tim Hortons will be available at all the Horton’s stores across Canada and America. You can just visit your nearby Tim Hortons from 6th June onwards and enjoy this delish caffeinated drink with Timbeibs Timbits. 

If you don’t want to wait among the crowd, you can just order your Beibs bundle online from the official website of Tim Hortons. The menu is also available on the Tim Hortons android app and its iOS version. The loyal Hortons customers might win rewards or get special offers on online orders from Tim Hortons’ app.

Apart from this, Tim Hortons menu is also available at other food delivery platforms like UberEats, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, and Seamless. So, you can get the updates and the latest Beibs brew from Tim Hortons using these online food delivery apps. 


The Beibs bundle launching on 6th June has the authenticity of Beiber’s love for his homegrown cafe. As you know, Timbibs is one of the best celebrity collabs, so make sure you try Beibs brew and share your feedback with us. I’m sure this culinary innovation would keep us wanting more Timbeibs collabs in the future. Until then, keep up with the latest updates on the food industry on our website.


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