Love Bengali Food? Try These 5 Chingri (Prawn) Curry Recipes To Taste The Magic Of The Cuisine

ByLinda D. Mohler

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We are very well informed of the Bengali delicacies and its appreciate for fish. From spicy and strong fish curries to exotic steamed fish dishes or a comforting macher jhol, there is no dearth of strategies when it arrives to taking pleasure in fish when in Bengal. For a point out obsessed with fish and other sea foods, we do not give prawns or chingri (as it is called in the nearby Bengali language) the limelight that it justifies. Confident, fish might acquire up the prize of currently being the finest, but chingri curries are not considerably behind when it arrives to tasting the magic of the cuisine. In fact, there are much more than a pair of delightful versions of chingri curries that you can make and treat your good friends and spouse and children. Interested to recognised about the most effective Bengali chingri curries? Here are 5 that you need to consider as soon as!

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Prawn curries are great to pair with rice

5 Of The Very best Chingri Curries From Bengali Cuisine:

1. Chingri Malai Curry: (Our Top Advice)

Creamy, luscious and delectable, these are the terms that determine Chigri Malai curry. Flavoured with a host of delectable spices this sort of as cumin, chilli, turmeric and garam masala, this prawn curry will be the best winner on your supper table when served with cooked rice. Click on here for the recipe.

2. Chingri Torkari:

With a substantially basic and comforting take, this Chingri torkari (curry) will be your upcoming favorite for all your dinner functions. Juicy, succulent prawns are cooked in warm spices, and are oozing with flavours and a rich creamy texture. A robust hint of mustard seed paste normally takes the dish to the next amount. Simply click listed here for the recipe.

3. Bhapa Chingri:

A classic Bengali dish, Bhapa Chingri has marinated prawns blended in a spicy coconut, mustard and chilli sauce. Baked to perfection, this Bengali prawn dish is excellent to put together for company at residence. You can provide this with rice or chapati. Click here for the recipe.

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Bengali design chingri curies are commonly designed with coconut.

4. Jhinge Chingri Posto:

Built with ridge gourd (torai), potatoes and prawns, the Jhinge Chingri posto curry is a hearty curry to have for a attractive do-it-yourself lunch. With a uncomplicated component listing and a not-so-complex recipe, you can make this comforting dish on repeat. Prosperous, flavourful, still simple, this chingri curry is a ought to-try. Simply click here for the recipe.

5. Daab Chingri:

Built with tender coconut, paanch phoran and a wealthy mustard seed paste, this luscious and extremely-juicy daab chingri curry should definitely not be skipped. Relish the beautiful taste of genuine Bengali delicacies, this fragrant delicacy will get you hooked forever. Simply click here for the recipe.

There you have it, test these chingri curries when you want to working experience the magic of Bengali seafood dishes.


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