In a crossover that will make Avengers: Endgame blush, two recent viral stars from the UK have crossed paths.

Last week, we reported on Danny Manlin of Leeds, whose YouTube reviews of Northern takeaways have turned him into an unlikely star.

His candid style and sense of humour and willingness to eat his food on his fold up table in literally any location has seen his videos, which he started making in June 2020, rack up millions of views.

Meanwhile, you might recall the story of Alice Cheung who runs the Oriental Express takeaway in Pudsey, West Yorkshire and went viral after shutting down customers with some ‘savage’ comebacks after they had attempted to complain about the quality of her food.

Her story made major news in the UK so Manlin decided to pay her a visit and see what Alice was actually like and more importantly try her food.

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The first few minutes of the video see Manlin struggle to find a place to park near the takeaway, which is oddly entertaining.

After about five minutes he finally manages to find a place to leave his car and makes his way into the venue to meet Alice who is there making the food.

“I’ve heard some things about you Alice so I’ve come to try your food out because I’ve heard that some people have been giving you stick on this that and the other and you’ve been giving a little bit back,” Danny says.

Alice seems delighted at this news and, in all honesty, seems like a very friendly, happy and welcoming person.

Anyway, down to the important stuff and Manlin orders a Salt and Pepper Munch Box (basically a fairly big box full of Chinese food) and a can of Tango which all comes to £16.20, a pretty good deal if you ask us.

Before his food arrives, Manlin reflects on his brief meeting with his fellow viral star Alice. He says: “I’ve just met Alice there for a brief few seconds and she seems really nice. I’ve read a few of these reviews and I’ve read some of Alice’s comments to be fair, they are quite funny.

“She’s not gone in hammer and tong and absolutely crucified them. She’s just come back with some statements and facts so good on her.”

After tucking into his food and being very adept with a pair of chopsticks, Manlin admits that he can’t understand why Alice’s food was receiving so much criticism as it was exactly what he expected.

“I wasn’t expecting anything else. There were no thrills or fancy bits. It’s not the most colourful box but it’s a salt and pepper box, you want to eat if, don’t ya?”

Overall he gives the food a “solid 8.5” rating which seems like a good result for Alice. Maybe now those negative reviews will stop piling and give Alice some rest bite.

At the time of writing this clip is in the top 40 trending videos on YouTube so it shows that Manlin and maybe even Alice is doing something right.