With its deliciously smooth texture and sweet flavor, whipped cream is a gourmet pleasure to be consumed without moderation… or almost. A true ally in the kitchen, it brings the final and essential touch to many sweet and savory preparations or recipes. It can, for example, replace a too fatty mayonnaise or be the nice finishing touch of your verrines. This cream can also be made into whipped cream with a little sugar. That’s not al. Here are some President tips for making the best use of whipped cream. For all these the cream charger bulbs are important as are the cream dispensers. So you can have the cream charger bulbs from nangs delivery done in a very small time now.

Whipped cream to accompany sweet preparations

Made by skimming whole cow’s milk, previously pasteurized at a temperature of 72 °, whipped cream which is basically a liquid cream is extracted from the milk. The liquid cream used to make the whipped cream has no addition of ferments.

To obtain a good whipped cream, you can choose a whipped cream, a liquid fresh cream or a long-life UHT or sterilized cream.

The most important thing is that it is very fresh and that it contains at least 30% fat. It is indeed this fat that will coat itself with air thanks to the energetic movement of the whisk.

Plain or slightly enhanced with vanilla flavors such as President whipped cream, it is ideal to accompany many simple desserts or more elaborate sweet recipes. The chocolate of a fondant or a soft one can be divinely sublimated by a touch of whipped cream which is also perfect for:

  • Seasonal fruit gratins,
  • Serve with a strawberry verrine,
  • A Liège or Viennese coffee,
  • A simple scoop of ice cream or a fruit sorbet, or even
  • A warm apple cake.

Also try these recipes:

  • Iced nougat and red fruit coulis
  • Strawberries in whipped cream
  • Pancakes in a whipped cream cloud

Whipped cream can also be used as a base for making a creamy fruit mousse or a Bavarian.By adding a little icing sugar, you get a Chantilly cream while preserving the same nutritional values ​​as plain whipped cream.

Whipped cream in savory recipes

And yes, the whipped cream can be declined in a salty version. Just add a few ingredients to bring a touch of originality. Lemon whipped cream can accompany cold fish. Chicken can be presented with curry or herb whipped cream. A whipped cream with fresh goat cheese is ideal with a beet or tomato gazpacho. Also consider plain whipped cream to accompany a baked potato in its skin. Finally, whipped cream is perfect on other dishes such as pasta with salmon and feta cheese or simply placed as a quenelle on soups, and in particular pumpkin soups.

The mechanical action allows a dispersion of gas (in the form of air) in the cream and an increase in volume. Proteins (of the order of 1 to 2%) per their active tension properties make it possible to fix and stabilize air bubbles (absorption of proteins at the water-air interface).

Texture agent cream:

Its fat content, of the order of 35%, gives the cream its thick texture, and its ability, during beating, to maintain air bubbles in the mass. In addition, it brings softness and melt in the mouth.It is necessary to note the important role of the temperature on the fatty acids, this one influencing the viscosity of the cream.

  • In the cold: thickening of the cream by crystallization of fatty acids.
  • Warm: (room temperature) and / or under the action of prolonged beating: 
  • Liquefaction of the cream, and coalescence of the fatty globules between them,

Dissociation by breaking the emulsion (dissociation of water and fat) with the formation of a mass of butter and a liquid: buttermilk. (Equivalent to churning)