From lemons & herbs to extra hot & spicy, The Port Of Peri Peri menu has tons of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The peri-peri chicken brand serves the best of traditional peri-peri flavors in the chicken. I have the latest menu updates of The Port Of Peri Peri. Give it a read to know what else you can have at this restaurant apart from chicken at affordable prices.

The menu of The Port Of Peri-Peri has small bites like peri potato chips, hummus, and many more. Among signature chicken dishes, you can have white meat breast & wings or dark meat leg & thigh. You can also have burgers, pitas, and wraps here. You’ll, for sure, enjoy your meal at The Port Of Per Peri for less than $ 30.

Having peri-peri chicken bites for free might sound unrealistic, right? But The Port Of Peri Peri offers rewards and free food to its loyal customers. Try ordering food online from its official website to avail the rewards and offers from this restaurant. Before you start checking out all the menu items along with prices, let me give you a quick revision of the history of The Port Of Peri Peri.

The place was founded by Syed Pasha in Illinois in the U.S. The Port Of Peri Peri got its first restaurant in Illinois and has multiple restaurants in different states of America and Canada. The Port Of Peri Peri has been America’s favorite peri-peri brand since this restaurant chain was founded. 

The Port Of Peri Peri Menu Prices

Food at The Port of Peri Peri

Who doesn’t love to taste this succulent perfection of chicken basted with a signature peri-peri sauce and open-flame grilled? Well! The kitchen of The Port Of Peri Peri is where it’s prepped and grilled. If you don’t believe me, try out the signature chicken dishes on The Port Of Peri Peri’s menu. Whole chicken, chicken tenders, chicken & rice bowl, etc., are some of the best peri-peri options on its menu.

The signature chicken dishes on the menu of The Port Of Peri Peri are all gluten-free. So, if you’re on a gluten-friendly diet, you can enjoy the peri-peri flavors in the chicken without having to ask for a separate gluten-free menu. Even the specialties offered at this restaurant like Peri Costeletas and Peri short ribs, are gluten-free.

Different flavors are available for peri-peri chicken including plain, lemon & herbs, milder mild, mild, medium, hot, peri Cajun, and extra hot. Choose your choice of flavors and the amount of spiciness you can handle. 

Other favorites served at The Port Of Peri Peri are burgers, pitas, & wraps. Among burgers, you can gobble up ‘The Burger’ and ‘The Sizzler .’ The Sizzler has peri chicken stacked with lettuce leaves and red onion slices inside the slices of ciabatta bun. This burger has a layer of peri bbq and peri mayo layered inside it. 

The Pita has peri chicken with toasted Pita, some tomato slices, & fresh lettuce leaves, and perimayo. You can ask for the gluten-free version of burgers and wraps at The Port Of Peri Peri. You can pair your choice of these dishes with fresh and healthy salads. The salad options on the menu of The Port Of Peri Peri are Couscous salad, quinoa salad, and Port house salad. 

Platters on the menu of The Port Of Peri Peri are among the mains offered at this restaurant. All for one, original platter, family platter, wings platter, and half-rack platter are the most sought after platters available here. The wings platter has 24 delicious crispy wings offered with two large sides of choice. The family platter has two whole chickens and four large sides. 

Give a sweet, delightful finish to your meal by having cheesecake xangos, lemon layer cake, tiramisu cake, or keylime creme pie at The Port Of Peri Peri. If you’re sensitive to gluten, The Port Of Peri Peri has a gluten-free brownie for you. This restaurant also serves beer, De Mexico, Pathwater, orange juice, apple juice, etc. 

Find the entire menu along with prices below and check out the nutritional value of these menu items from the link further below in this article. You’ll also find other important details about this restaurant here, like franchising details, contact information, important links, etc.

Small Bites

Peri Potato Chips $ 3.49
Mixed Olives $ 3.49
Hummus $ 3.99
Peri Cassava Fries $ 3.95
Peri Wings $ 9.95
Peri Paneer Strips $ 5.95
Peri Falafel $ 5.95

Signature Chicken

1/4 Chicken (dark meat leg & thigh) $ 7.55
1/4 Chicken (white meat breast & wing) $ 8.15
Two 1/4 Chicken (leg & thigh twice) $ 14.25
1/2 Chicken (dark or white meat) $ 14.95
1/2 Chicken (dark or white meat) – White meat $ 15.55
Whole Chicken $ 26.45
Whole Chicken – White Meat $ 27.45
Wings – 3 Pieces $ 5.25
Wings – 6 Pieces $ 9.95
Wings – 12 Pieces $ 16.45
Chicken Tenders – 4 Pieces $ 9.95
Chicken Tenders – 7 Pieces $ 15.75
Chicken Rice & Bowl $ 12.25

Specialties (Gluten-Free)

Peri Costeletas – 2 Pieces $ 15.45
Peri Short Ribs – 1 Piece $ 10.95


Couscous Salad $ 8.75
Quinoa Salad $ 8.75
Port House Salad $ 6.65

Burgers, Pitas, & Wraps

The Burger $ 8.95
The Sizzler $ 9.95
The Pita $ 8.95
The Wrap $ 8.95
The Carne Burger $ 10.75


All For One $19.25
Original Platter $ 33.95
Family Platter $ 66.95
Wings Plartter $ 36.95
Half Rack Platter $ 41.95

Veggie Delights

Paneer Rice $ 9.45
Falafel Rice $ 9.45
Veg Burger $ 7.95
veg Pita $ 7.95
Falafel Pita $ 7.95
Paneer Wrap $ 7.95
Peri peri Beyond Burger $ 11.95

The Port Sides

Sides Regular Large
Fries $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Peri Fries $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Peri Cassave Fries $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Signature Rice $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Flame-Grilled Corn On The Cob $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Perimayo Corn $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Coleslaw $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Red Skinned Potato Salad $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Steamed Vegetables $ 3.25 $ 4.25
Toasted Pita $ 1.25

JNR Meals

3 Wings $ 8.25
2 Tenders $ 8.25
3 Paneer Strips $ 7.65
4 Falafels $ 7.65


Bavaria $ 3.25
De Mexico $ 3.25
Joe’s Lemonade $ 3.75
Root Beer $ 3.95
Saegram’s Ginger Ale $ 3.25
Path Water $ 3.25
Orange Or Apple Juice $ 2.95
Bottomless Fountain $ 3.25


Perimayo/ Peri BBQ/ Peri Ranch Dips $ 0.75
Peri Salt $ 0.55
Garlic or Chili Sauce $ 3.50


Salted Caramel Brownie $ 4.45
Cheesecake Xangos $ 4.45
Lemon Layer Cake $ 4.45
Chocolate Brownie $ 4.45
Tiramisu Cake $ 4.45
Red Velvet Layer Cake $ 4.45
Keylime Creme Pie $ 4.45
Gluten-Free Brownie $ 4.45

The Port Of Peri Peri Nutritional Information

Seek out the link in the above table to have a look at the nutritional value of The Port Of Peri Peri’s menu items. You’ll find the calorific value of each item by clicking on the name of the dishes.

The Port Of Peri Peri Franchising Details

The Port Of Peri Peri interior decor

The Port Of Peri Peri is a famous restaurant that specializes in peri-peri chicken, burgers, wraps, etc. This restaurant chain has more than 20 outlets serving delicious food in the U.S. You, too, can have The Port Of Peri Peri restaurant! Read the table below to know its franchise cost

Franchise Cost $ 225,000 to $ 450,000

The Port Of Peri Peri Contact Information 

The Port Of Peri Peri Head Office Address: Peri Peri, 100 E Roosevelt Rd, Villa Park, IL 60181

The Port Of Peri Peri Email Address: [email protected]

Contact the team of The Port Of Peri Peri by filling the contact form available on its website. You contact The Port Of Peri Peri anytime between 11 A.M. and 11 P.M.

Important links 

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/PortOfPeriPeri

Instagram: instagram.com/portofperiperi

Yelp: yelp.com/biz/the-port-of-peri-peri

Frequently Asked Questions About The Port Of Peri Peri

What is The Port Of Peri Peri famous for?

The Port Of Peri Peri is famous for it’s signature spiced chicken dishes like chicken wings, chicken tenders, and whole chicken.

Does The Port Of Peri Peri offer any other dish except peri-peri chicken?

The Port Of Peri Peri has burgers, wraps, and Pitas. You can also enjoy desserts here like Tiramisu cake, gluten-free brownie, and many more.

Can We Order food from The Port Of Peri Peri?

Yes, The Port Of Peri Peri accepts orders from its official website and other food delivery apps during its regular hours of operation.

Does The Port Of Peri Peri offer franchises?

Yes, The Port Of Peri Peri offers franchises. This restaurant chain has more than 20 outlets in the United States and is looking forwards to expand its business outside the U.S.


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