People get pizza delivery jobs today to supplement their income or as their main income. They may enjoy the atmosphere, the food and the driving and decide to make it into a career. There are a few basics that anyone considering it as a job should remember.

Safety is a big concern for anyone in this kind of job. There is no way to know who might answer the door. It takes the kind of person who can handle several different things at once. They must keep their money and the food safe but their lives are much more important. During the 1980s when the 30 minute guarantee was in full force, many drivers lost their lives or were severely injured in car accidents as they hurried to make the deadline.

Fake orders are also a concern for drivers. Some orders are intended as prank while others are done in order to lure drivers to cause them harm, to rob them or otherwise injure them. Drivers need to be increasingly careful and make sure they are the kind of person who can defend themselves against this kind of danger.

Some of the larger restaurant chains will keep track of all the customers in the area that ask for their pizzas to be delivered. For a few years, there was a campaign to get the food delivered in under 30 minutes. This proved to be a very dangerous environment to set up for the drivers, as all the late orders were free. Today, a 30 minute delivery is not a guarantee but a goal to strive for by all drivers. Customers can order online or on the phone. Both are nearly instant methods that allow people to order their pizzas, wings or breadsticks with any other addition the restaurant might offer.

Hotbags are the bags that are used to carry the pizzas and additional food items that need to stay hot. They are made out of vinyl and nylon and last for quite a while. They can be purchased by customers for use at home if they wish for a nominal price.

Bags and boxes are made to be designed and colored to match the business doing the cooking. Some grocery stores put their deli made pizzas in generic boxes. All boxes used for this purpose are thrown away after they are used.

Restaurants no longer offer the free guarantees or the free delivery. Charges are attached to almost everything that is ordered by phone, unless it is being picked up. Drivers used to rely solely on their tips to recover the gas and the wear and tear on their personal vehicle. Today, most will receive additional money from their employer to help cover these costs.

Working as a pizza delivery driver is not for everyone. Safety must be considered, first and foremost. Most people will use these services at least once in their lives if not more by calling or going online. Drivers appreciate a tip, even though most restaurants have new policies that pay the drivers more than they received in the past.

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