Fried hen is the greatest American expertise, no matter whether it is Southern-fried drumsticks or Korean wings. But which fried rooster dining places are Americans’ favorites?

Driving the information: A the latest report analyzed the seven largest fried chicken eating places in the United States, and it appears as however the rapid-meals marketplace has transformed Americans’ preferences.

Particulars: According to Best Data’s Fried Hen Index, the greatest fried rooster chains are:

  • Chick-Fil-A, which was a favored in 22 states.
  • KFC, which was the well-known choice in 12 states.
  • Elevating Cane’s, which was favored in 9 states.
  • Church’s Hen, which was a preference for people in New York and two other states.
  • Popeyes, which was only a most loved in Washington.

Well worth noting: Out of all these chain places to eat, Elevating Cane’s observed the greatest advancement with a 4.7% maximize in visits due to the fact 2021, even while it didn’t arise as the most loved for most states. Chick-Fil-A saw a 2.5% improve in visits and Church’s Chicken had a 3% improve.

In the meantime, Popeyes and KFC did not have the exact same luck, with a 5.4% and 6.8% lessen, respectively.

Right here at property: The top rated fried rooster places to eat in Utah are:

  1. Chick-fil-A.
  2. KFC.
  3. Zaxby’s.
  4. Popeyes.

Zaxby’s was an outlier, topping the listing in only Oklahoma. Surprisingly, KFC wasn’t the favorite in Utah, even while the chain’s initially franchised Kentucky Mate Chicken was opened at Harman Cafe in Salt Lake City.


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