Image this: Your counter sticky with spilled foods. Your dishes caked with drippy residue. Someplace, an infomercial of your plight performs.

Perfectly, you can expect to no lengthier have to battle with these troubles when cooking, many thanks to a TikTok movie which extolls the virtues of fundamental physics in the kitchen area.

TikTok person Andrew Gatt has lately long gone viral with a video demonstrating how property cooks can steer clear of kitchen spills immediately after pouring food stuff into an additional vessel.

To demonstrate the pouring pitfalls, Gatt showed himself pouring scrambled eggs from a bowl into a skillet. He then points to the runoff spilling in excess of the lip of the bowl, which carries on to drip.


Gatt, who tipped the bowl to his left, explains if he suggestions it again to the proper — as most men and women commonly would when pouring — “it’s heading to drip” on his counter.

Having said that! In a minute of brilliance, Gatt continues turning the bowl to the left, allowing physics to kick in, and the drippings to slide again into the bowl — and not on the counter, or regardless of what floor is underneath.

“How previous ended up you when you realized this daily life hack?” Gatt writes on the online video.

The video clip has been considered additional than 1.2 million occasions and has practically 50,000 likes from, assuming, eager kitchen area novices.

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Now his movie can join the pantheon of “mind-blowing” kitchen hacks, like these minor-recognised egg-cooking tricks, or this mom’s “perfect” cheese-chopping system.