Thai cuisine or Thai Food is one of the most celebrated dishes in the world because of its taste and nutritious value. Thai food became popular after World War II when Thailand become a favorite international tourist destination site for Americans and Britons. Its unique combination of exotic flavors and nice fragrances has widely contributed to a high international status. Take for example the famous Thai soup known as Tom Yum Goong which is a combination of prawn and mushrooms spiced up with lemongrass, galangal, chili, and lime. This soup can be served alongside any dish and still make the whole meal fantastic.

One of the major factors contributing to Thai food popularity is its availability in almost all major cities around the world such as London, Paris, Washington DC etc. A research showed that there is one Thai restaurant for every fifty people living in Seattle. Almost all towns have a dozen Thai Basil or Siam restaurants. In addition, these restaurants are located near or in malls making it an easy stop for consumers. The convenience where these restaurants are located has immensely contributed to their popularity. The difference in taste, flavor and uniqueness create mouthwatering meals for not only Americans but everyone from different cultural backgrounds. Most Thai restaurants are owned and operated by Thai people who good knowledge on Thai cuisine and culture as well as experience in making these delicious meals. Thai cuisine is served in plenty compared to other dishes. Large food portions are served to customers and hence people get filled without necessarily ordering numerous plates. This helps as one spends less and saves more ultimately becoming a preferred choice of cuisine. In addition, Thai cuisine is relatively cheap when compared to other cuisines.

If we take into consideration the high living expenses, one who would prefer to cut back on their eating budget will settle for Thai food. A normal Thai dish will go for approximately $10 This is another major factor driving up its popularity. We all know meat is a favorite delicacy to all who are not vegetarians. incorporates a lot of meat in their meals hence automatically becoming the most popular dish in the world. Their generosity in meat (especially fried meat) can be easily seen in their meals. The famous Thai deep fried spring rolls are a delicacy to many. Thai food serves large chunks of meat in their dishes take for example their spiced beef salad – Yam Nua. The flavors used in Thai food is way beyond the normal cuisines. The mixture is just the right degree neither hot enough or sour enough but entirely rich enough. Good news for those of us who fear vegetables, Thai has just the right quantity of spiced herbs certainly one of the reasons why it is loved. Thai foods are usually sweet (sugary and spicy) with an exception of a few being sour. The unique combinations of flavors and vegetables, as well as meat, gives rise to the authentic international Thai flavor we all love.

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