Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide: How to Choose a Wine Fridge | Whirlpool

A dozen built-in wine coolers and more are launched almost every day. You can be very certain that it isn’t going to fuel your decision to buy wine cooler; rather make it overwhelming and difficult. 

This article will focus on buying guides to help you make good purchasing decisions for built-in wine coolers. Wine coolers are meant for keeping wine at the ideal temperature. If your built-in wine cooler doesn’t serve that purpose, it is as good as nothing. 

You should shop for the right built-in wine coolers to use the best wine coolers. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  1. Single or Dual-zone

If you are a person who prefers white wine and may never dream of having red wine and vice versa, then the single zone built-in wine cooler is just cool for you. The single-zone built-in wine cooler comes with a single-zone cooling and one temperature control. 

It is less expensive and cost-effective. But, if you are a die-hard lover of both wines, the dual-zone is good for your collections. It is more expensive but worth an investment. 

  1. Placement

The built-in wine cooler is not like the freestanding type that can fit anywhere in the house or the countertop on a table or a counter. Unlike the freestanding wine cooler, the built-in or undercounter wine cooler is a great appliance for giving a great aesthetic to your kitchen. 

It can fit into cabinetry in bars or kitchens and adds to the value of your kitchen. As a result of these peculiarities, a professional would be needed. The vent of the built-in wine cooler is placed at the front, so you should have no problem with your kitchen’s ventilation.

  1. Durability

Durability is dependent on several things. The first is the brand. Before you purchase, read reviews about that specific built-in wine cooler and gather customer experiences together. Does it have a reversible door? Is the door insulated? Does it use LED lighting? These other factors are important to guarantee if it will last or not. 

  1.  Thermoelectric or Compressor Based Built-in wine cooler

This is an important factor never to be forgotten. The thermoelectric wine cooler is super for most wine lovers because they are more energy-efficient than the compressor wine coolers. This makes it environmentally friendly with less noise and no vibration. 

A disadvantage of the thermoelectric built-in wine cooler is that it can only contain a small number of bottles of wine. On the other hand, the compressor-based built-in wine cooler is a better option for large wine collections. It is not affected by temperature variations and retains the temperature of the wine. 

  1. Price

Perhaps this is not meant to be on the list, but it is here already, and you need to see why it is indeed a factor to be considered. How much can you afford? If you don’t want to shoot outside your budget, you should go for the one that perfectly fits what you need it for. You can also ask for discounts.


In most cases, the cheapest appliances are less reliable. This is very valid for built-in wine coolers. All of the factors listed above are necessary for making the best purchasing decision. You may have to thoroughly research that built-in wine cooler before placing the order.