Zebras are wild animals that graze. They fit in the natural food chain of the wild by becoming a delicacy for lions, wild dogs, cheetahs and other felines. By observing how they live in the wild, you can’t help but feel just how perilous their lives are. But they are well adapted to the environment and for any of the cats to catch a zebra; a real death race and a fight will have to ensue. Many people are fascinated by the beauty that the zebras present and it is for this reason together with many others that African zebra rugs have become a hot commodity in the natural rug section. When going to buy a rug for your house, you will need to consider the grading system used so that you can get the best rug that recompenses your money.

The grading of zebra rugs starts with the trophy rug which is the best in terms of quality and in every other factor. The rug is often obtained from the best of the bunch and it’s of very high value because there is neither a scratch nor a mark that is found on it. It is estimated that a trophy rug is so rare that you will only get one in every 1000 rugs. The price is also very high and you should be prepared to pay anything starting from $2,000. They are normally used as floor rugs as well as wall hangings.

The other kind of rug that you will find in the market is the Grade A rug which is also referred to as First Grade in some quarters. The Grade A rug is one that has little flaws and a normal person will hardly notice them. It is only after close scrutiny by an expert will the flaws of such a rug get revealed. Some of the defects that you will find on Grade A zebra rugs include very minute scratches or little discoloration. The price tags that such rugs fetch start from around $1,600. The usage of the rugs does also include floor rugs as well as wall displays.

There is the Grade B category that is slightly lower than the Grade A. This category which is also known as Second Grade is more common and has more obvious imperfections. Even a new person in the trade should be able to note the imperfections on the rug. For a seasoned trader or buyer, the imperfections will be seen a few feet away. With a few repairs, you will still get exemplary services from the rugs in this category. Most of the rugs here are felted.

The last category when it comes to zebra rugs is Grade C or Third Grade. The rugs classified under this section are normally those that have more serious imperfections. The reason for the flaws on the rugs is because the zebra was old and the skin had undergone several scratches and wounds. The animal could also have been a victim of a lion attack and the scratches haven’t really gone away.

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