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The following 10 reasons will definitely encourage you to plant organic products instead of using chemicals in your garden or farm. By sticking to the organic option, you are contributing, in a positive way, to the wellbeing of our planet. You need to plant organic products for the following 10 reasons:

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Total satisfaction – if you plant organic vegetables you will be mentally happy that you are eating healthy produce from your garden itself. You can never be sure whether the vegetables and fruits that you pick up from the market are of good quality or not. This is the first of the 10 reasons to take up organic farming.

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Wildlife – It’s one of the best ways to invite wildlife into your garden. Although some of the wildlife might cause some damage, most of them will help in transporting pollens and seeds from one place to another. You will also find them helpful in controlling slugs and other similar creatures.

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Save money – by growing your own vegetables you will be able to save a valuable amount of money every month. So, plant organic vegetables in your garden or farm and reap the benefits for the whole year.

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Healthier option – you are assured of a healthy option when you plant organic fruits and vegetables. You will see your health improve when you stick to organic farming.

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Say no to chemicals – when you plant organic, you are avoiding the use of chemicals that are known to be harmful to the soil. You only need to use different types of organic compost to make the soil fertile.

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Help solve food shortage – every year, the world’s food shortage problem remains unsolved. If you plant your own organic fruits and vegetables, you are potentially helping to reduce the food shortage problem.

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Truly nature friendly – since you avoid any kind of pesticides, other wildlife are able to hunt on the insects that are left in your garden. So, you are helping to preserve the food chain in your surroundings when you plant organic.

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Enjoy the taste – you will enjoy the taste of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in your garden, as they are ripened without using any chemicals. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy the true taste of your garden products. This is another of the 10 reasons that needs to be lapped by you so that you stick to organic farming.

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Avoid the Chemicals – Chemical fertilizers can eventually harm your health and that of your loved ones when you use chemical fertilizers in your garden. On the other hand, organic farming is totally safe. You can bet that it will not cause you any harm in the short or long term. Don’t forget that it will probably be a lot of fun too!

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Show your commitment – You can be proud of the fact that you are producing fruits and vegetables in a natural, organic way. This will help you to gain respect in your neighborhood. You will also be able to inspire others to take up organic farming. This is the last of the 10 reasons for sticking to organic farming.

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