When looking for the top laptop brands for 2011, you are going to come across some well known brands. Some laptop brands have become household names and even folks that don’t consider themselves tech savvy can recognize those names.

There may be a few surprises this year when it comes to the top brands. There have been a few companies that have been largely sitting on the sidelines trying to get their feet wet that may actually surprise a few people this year.

The Giants

Dell, HP, Sony, Compaq all are top runners in the top laptop brands for 2011 not because they are coming out with anything too new or amazing but because they are simply the best known and folks seem to flock to them.

Apple and its MAC laptops is also a popular brand and some folks simply go nuts over them and would never use a Windows based anything, but Apple still hasn’t got those laptops into the comparable price market that other brands have. This makes them semi popular but really keeps them low on the list of the top computer brands for 2011.

Surprise Contenders

There are a few surprise contenders making their way up the food chain. Brands like Lenovo, Acer and MSI are all inching their way up the ladder into the top computer brands.

What makes these contenders strong enough to muscle in on the giants of computing? Simple -savings- these brands produce low dollar high end performing machines. Folks are starting to realize that you do not have to pay upwards of two thousand dollars to find a machine that works well and meets your needs.

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