Our Voice Is Our Armor Against Anti-Asian Coronavirus Racism

“Chinese virus” flashed across my Instagram Live. I was in the middle of giving a free online writing class during this chaotic time of COVID-19 school closures when the two words made me freeze. What do I do? Do I stop the class? I was just talking about the surging xenophobia and racism in the wake of the coronavirus and how it has affected me as an Asian American creator. And as I opened up about this most vulnerable experience, I never expected to be blasted with “Chinese virus.”

My first instinct was to ignore. Decades of dealing with microaggressions ranging from “Can you actually put on eyeliner?” masked as a serious make-up question to “Are you really a person of color?” have unfortunately been weaved into the fabric of my “normal.” Growing up as the only Chinese girl in my predominantly white school, these microaggressions permeated my day-to-day. My

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