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Everything you need to know about lids for disposable cups

Takeaway coffee and tea are one of the most popular services in cafes and restaurants. It saves time and allows you to drink your favorite drink on the street, in the park, or just on the way home.

To ensure maximum comfort, it is worth using coffee cup lids. They are explicitly designed to protect the cup from watering. The accessory helps keep the temperature of the drink and protects against burns. The drink will flow out less if the glass is turned over. Thus, unpleasant consequences can be avoided.

How to choose the right cup lids

For the lid to close tightly and prevent the drink from leaking out, you need to choose it correctly. It all depends on the volume of drinks served in the cafe. There are different sizes of lids, so it’s pretty easy to decide.

Usually, lids for glasses are made in two colors:

  • white;
  • black.

Sometimes there are color options. The color of the lid doesn’t matter. You can select the tone of corporate colors and use marking by shades. Or opt ​​for classic white or black options.

Lids for disposable cups are flat and domed. The second option is used for cool drinks served in large glasses. It is better to use options with a special drinker for hot coffee or tea. Drinking hot tea or coffee from a cup with such a lid is much more convenient.

It is best to decide lids for a cup based on seasonality. In the warm season, options for cool drinks are more in demand. In winter and autumn, the choice of hot beverages will be relevant. Understanding which menu items are in order is worth a little time. It will help you understand which caps you need more.

Benefits of glass lids

Lids for disposable cups help show customer care. This element protects against burns and stains on clothing. In addition, the cover helps keep the temperature of the drink. If the accessory is used for lemonades or cocktails, it becomes cooler, as the ice does not melt.

The lid makes it easy to enjoy your drink on the go. You don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee if you trip or bump into another person. Only a few drops will pass through a thin hole, which will not make a big disaster.

The sufficiently strong yet elastic material is used to manufacture lids. The accessory fits snugly to the cup and ensures complete tightness. Covers do not affect the taste and aroma of the drink. They are made from safe raw materials that are not harmful to health.

High-quality lids for glasses will help you take care of your customers and save you from unpleasant situations. This accessory will help improve the image of the cafe and show that you care about customers. It is best to order enough caps. They will not take up much space in the warehouse, and you will be sure there is something to cover a glass with a drink.

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