Complex carbohydrates (complex carbs) are simply sugar bonded together to form a chain. These are foods that are basically contains in wholegrain. Whenever you take complex carbs, these are further broken in glucose. The process of glucose broken is slower as compare to simple carbohydrates.

The digestive enzymes have to work harder to break the bonds of chain and convert in simple sugar and that is the reason complex carbohydrates take more time to digestion process. As this fact is also proved by its name ‘complex carbohydrates’ because complex means difficult.


Carbohydrates are essential and body’s prime source of fuel. Energy released quickly and immediately fills the requirement in the cells. Whenever you practiced exercise your body needs quick energy at that time, intake of complex carbohydrates can result in energy.

Carbohydrates keep you full for long time and that results in less calorie intake. Thus, it can prove helpful in weight management. Complex carbohydrates contain nutritional benefits. Complex carbs food contains vitamins, minerals and physiochemical. Keeping your carbohydrates to 55-60% of your total calories is a good way to divvy up your nutrients. You should follow that make half your grains whole” and eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. These strategies will ensure that your complex carbohydrate intake is adequate.


Sources of carbohydrates are wholegrain breads, oats, muesli, potatoes, barley, maize, cornmeal, pasta, root vegetables and brown rice.


However, although dietary fiber has no caloric or nutritional value, rather they have some things that can be helpful in balancing the weight. Dietary fiber deficiencies can results to digestive problems. It also results in constipation and it raises cholesterol level. If you take the carbohydrate diet which is rich in dietary fiber helps in slow down digestion and thus results in reduction of glycemic index and also affects on glucose level.

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