A lot of people die because of kitchen bacteria and poor handling. You do not know what microorganisms and bacteria are roaming around your kitchen. To make sure that you are eating healthy, the following information will help you in handling and preparing your food to avoid contamination.

1. Keep your Johnson Brothers Ironstone tableware in safe and closed cupboards.

2. Do not defrost your food in room temperature. Thawing at room temperature takes a lot of time and you do not know what microorganisms have gone into your food. You could either place your food in a plate, or place it in the refrigerator or use the oven.

3. Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling and preparing your food.

4. Always marinate your food inside the refrigerator. Use a fridge safe plate like Johnson Brothers Ironstone to marinate.

5. Serve your food in clean tableware. Make sure that you have washed your plates properly with a clean sponge.

6. If you have left over food, refrigerate them for future consumption. Do not store cooked food in room temperature. No need to transfer your food in a new container, all you have to do is cover your serving dish with another plate since Ironstone is fridge safe.

7. Always clean your Ironstone dishes thoroughly after work. You have to clean the counter-tops and other utensils with soap and water before and after you prepare your food. If you have a dishwasher, make sure that your utensils are dishwasher safe like the Ironstone collection.

8. Lastly, Take note of these principles:

* Germs could be anywhere, even in the air. They lodge most at the kitchen sink and dirty dishes left unclean.

* Some germs die at cold temperature. Some die during heating process.

* Germs multiply fast in wet and soiled areas. Therefore, every place and every utensil you use in the kitchen should be clean and dry.

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