People from the Philippines are well-known for their tasty and flavorful dishes. Their cooking styles are influenced by the Malayo-Polynesian and Spaniards origins. The cuisines are best-known to be savory and delicious which makes them extremely mouth-watering. There are many Filipino recipes which are being prepared throughout this country. All of the provinces within the Philippines boast their unique types of foods and cooking style.

On the northern areas of Luzon the people are keen on foods that are prepared using their own anchovies. Many different vegetables will be combined together in one pot and then boiled with anchovies, plus additional spices to create more flavor. On the other hand, the Bicolanos like to cook with chilies and coconut milk. Other people cook noodles which are converted to soup dishes or simply sauted along with vegetables. Asian countries, including the Philippines have rice as their staple food. Rice is cooked and then served along with various other dishes.

Probably the most popular Philippine dishes would be the adobo, which is pork or chicken meat or perhaps both, prepared with vinegar and soy sauce. It’s a very popular meal in the Philippines and folks from across the world really like the pleasant flavor of this local dish.

An additional popular dish would be the sinigang and this is a sour soup dish. This dish can be prepared with any types of fish or even meat and then cooked with vegetables and tamarind. This can be found in a regular Filipino meal along with the adobo.

Kilawin dish is also popular in the Philippines and this include ingredients which are combined and marinated along with kalamansi or perhaps vinegar with salt, garlic, pepper and onions.

Another dish is the pinakbet, which is a combination of various vegetables including eggplants, okra, sweet potato, tomatoes, ampalaya, string beans and more. This is then flavored using anchovies and cooked in one pot. This is a well-known dish particularly for individuals living within the barrios or rural areas.

Filipinos are also extremely fond of grilled and fried foods. Before preparing, they will sprinkle spices on the food to make it very flavorful and tasty. On particular occasions, they would prepare rice cake dishes which served as tasty desserts.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the Filipinos dishes that you can enjoy. You can find many more, so ensure that you try as much as you can whenever you visit this amazing country.

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