The Ninja Blender NJ600 is a professional blender that combines total crushing technology with a powerful motor to deliver perfectly blended smoothies, cocktails, sauces and dips. Making a refreshing drink or a healthy snack has never been easier and more exciting. This affordable and sleek looking NJ600, has various features that rank it highly in the market for blenders. Below we will explore some of them.


The features of the NJ600 are endless. Firstly, the blender packs 1000 Watts that power a high performance motor and 6 high speed blades. The electronic controls are located on the motor base, and provide 3 speeds (low, medium and high) and a pulse, for heavy duty blending, pureeing, processing and ice crushing (turning ice chunks into snow). The scratch resistant and lightweight 72 ounce pitcher, can hold large volumes of vegetables, fruits and ice, as well as large volumes of blended liquid. This is perfect for those who enjoy making large quantities of drinks, and removes the need for making drinks in parts. The pitcher also comes with a pour spout and a steady base, that will not move as you blend.

Other features include the cord storage, which is excellent for aesthetic and safety purposes- accidents are sometimes caused when a cord is accidentally tugged. The pitcher, lid and base are all dishwasher safe, and if you need extra information in this area you can read the owners manual. Lastly, the NJ600 is BPA free, meaning that all its plastic components are environmentally friendly and do not contain hazardous chemicals.


The NJ600 is extremely easy to clean; whether you decide to place it in a dishwasher or hand wash it in the sink. When you are cleaning the blender, you will also be pleasantly surprised to see that detaching the base from the pitcher is simple and hassle-free. This excellent construction is reflected in every part of the blender, and its sturdy nature makes it very reliable when it comes to blending large amounts of ingredients. You are assured that when you are using the NJ600 to make your drinks, soups or dips, the process will be quick and efficient.


With every appliance comes a few drawbacks, and the NJ600 is no different. Due to the large volume of the pitcher, the blender may not be appropriate for those who want to make small quantities of liquids. This is because the blades are spaced out and small quantities many not be finely blended. Alternatively, if you enjoy making drinks or soups for a small number of people, you can blend a large volume and place the extra amount in the fridge to be consumed at a later date.Secondly, the sharp blades are unsafe for small children, but this danger may be averted by parents by keeping children away from the blender. Lastly, because the pitcher is made of plastic it may not be very durable.

In conclusion, the NJ600 is the perfect blender for those who enjoy having friends and families over for drinks and conversation. Not only does this blender produce clump free drinks, it also comes with a complementary recipe book that gives you quick, easy and delicious recipes that can be executed with the blender.

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