No kitchen should be caught without the right gas cylinders like nitrous oxide cartridges and cream whippers that would be essential to food preparation. When you are preparing sumptuous desserts, Espuma, sauces, soups, and whipped cream, you would need these basic kitchen tools to ensure creaminess and richness in flavor and taste of your dishes. There are many disposable gas cylinders, of food grade quality, aside from nitrous oxide that are available in the market. Carbon dioxide cylinders, for one, are used for charging water with CO2 to produce carbonated drinks. With your trusted soda siphon and carbon dioxide cylinders, you can create a lot of delicious concoctions.

There are many ready to use whipped creams in spray cans in the grocery stores, which would make food preparation easier and more convenient for you. However, nothing beats the taste of freshly made whipped cream. And if you are planning to open a bakeshop, a restaurant, and a bar or café that serves desserts and special drinks, nothing but freshly made whipped cream would do. It is non negotiable. Do not worry because making it is not as arduous as you think. You just need a cream whipper and nitrous oxide cartridges.

However, you should not just get any cream whipper or disposable gas cylinders that you see on the store or online. You need to be judicious when choosing and buying these kitchen essentials. Since you are going to use it in food preparation, you must look for superior quality to ensure the quality of your food. The cream whippers have to be made of durable materials like stainless steel to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. It should be easy to use, clean, and maintain. It should preserve or retain the quality and freshness of your whipped cream and help you prepare hot and cold foams, and creamy soups and sauces that would satisfy the taste buds of your discriminating customers.

Stainless steel injector needles would also be a great accessory to your cream whipper because it would be useful for injecting the filling into your cream puffs and the like. The nitrous oxide cartridges or cream chargers should be made of high quality stuff – made of stainless steel, leak proof, and do not have an expiry date. It is but a small cylinder that measures about 2.5 inches long and holds about 8 grams of nitrous oxide. It delivers the nitrous oxide that would pressurize the contents of the dispenser to produce that creaminess in a whipped state that you are looking for in your whipped cream.

It is so easy to make whipped cream once you get the tools and ingredients right. The gas cartridges and cream whippers come with detailed instructions on how to use them. Basically, you just have to get your cream whipper and put cream and sugar into the dispenser. Add the flavoring of your choice. Shake it. Insert the nitrous oxide cylinder to the designated place to charge your mixture. You would now have your whipped cream that would help you create delightful and delicious desserts, ice cream concoctions, cakes, pastries, creamy soups and sauces, and special coffee drinks, etc.

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