The journey of Goldy the sunflower oil is an interesting and beautiful one, starting from the sunflower farm. In this article I will explore the life span of the average sunflower.

It all starts in summer when the sunflowers bloom on the sunflower farm. It looks picturesque with the rows of lovely sunflowers all facing the morning sun. From there on the sunflowers are picked and the oil is extracted. The seed is separated from the outer shell and the bad ones are taken out of the batch. Then the seeds are mashed and heated up which makes it easier to extract the oil. The oil is bottled and transported to the various oil retailers. From there on the journey becomes more exciting. The sunflower oil manufacturers have done their job and now it’s up to us, the public, to create the fun experience.

Goldy the sunflower oil bottle waits anxiously on the store shelf for just the right person to pick him. He is excited with the possibility of the role that he could fulfil. Cooking oil has many uses in the baking industry. The oil enhances the flavour of the baked goods and it adds a lighter texture to cakes. So Goldy could become something great such a grand wedding cake or something fun like a bake pop for a kid’s party.

Suddenly a hand reaches out for Goldy, grabs him gently and places him in the shopping trolley. He says goodbye to his fellow sunflower oil buddies and rolls on to the check-out point. His new owner is a renowned and busy baker. The baker has won many awards for her decorative wedding cakes and tasty pastries. The bakery is a lively store with many happy clients and staff. Goldy is so excited for his new life and wish he could tell his fellow sunflower buddies of the adventures that he will soon experience.

The baker unpacks Goldy the sunflower oil and places him on the bakery counter to be packed away for the night. He has a long day ahead of him tomorrow and he’s so excited that he can’t seem to contain himself. He is placed in the pantry with the other supplies. The baked goods supplies welcome him to the baker’s pantry and start sharing the wonderful and exciting stories of the days at the bakery.

Goldy hardly gets any sleep that night because of the wonderful stories being shared and the excitement that the next day holds.

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